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Innovation is a new way to accomplish positive result that is substantially different from how it was done before. The combination of understanding, excellent technical skills, and possessing the will and courage to think “out-of-the-box” is required to be a successful innovator.

We have invented and developed market leading technologies in mixing, single-use sampling, and single-use connectology

Metenova´s mission is to drive the technological development of our products to meet and surpass today’s needs, and the requirements of the future enabling our customers to achieve further success.

 Zero-g Mixer

Metenova Zero-gThe Metenova, Zero-g, mixers offer a state of the art patent pending mixing solution for applications throughout the process line. The excellent aseptic design, materials complying with FDA regulations combined with the benefits of the new and innovative bearing design makes it perfect for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

  • Magnetically coupled mixer
 – No mechanical seals or stuffing boxes, 
Minimized cross-contamination risk
  • Bottom mounted – 
Low level mixing
, No head space needed
, Service friendly
  • Robust Design
 – Ensured production reliability
  • Aseptic by design
 – Optimized for Cleaning and Sterilization, 
In-Place CIP/SIP
, Aseptic Gap-Free Bearing Design
  • Mixing performance
 – Mixing characteristics optimal for Bio and Pharma applications
  • Service friendly bearing design – 
Minimizing downtime during maintenance
  • Floating Zero-G Technology – 
Reducing shear
Minimizing particle shredding
  • Already commissioned vessel can easily be upgraded – 
Fits onto other brands of existing equipment
  • Scalable design
 – Reliable and easy scale up and scale down
  • Large fluid path – 
Reducing product shear