FiltroxThe mission of FILTROX is clear: We want to be the world’s leading supplier of microfiltration systems for highly sensitive liquids. This specialized niche in the filtration market has been the focus of FILTROX since 1938.

While technology has changed, one thing remains the same: Our customers produce liquids that need to be clear and clean. When it comes to product safety, there is no room for error.  FILTROX filtration systems are known for their reliability and safety.  The economics matter too. FILTROX is constantly researching new and more efficient ways of filtering liquids safely. These efforts have led to a large number of patented innovations.  FILTROX is proud of having a great team of dedicated to innovation.


Filtration is a very broad field. FILTROX specializes in the microfiltration of highly sensitive liquids.


Generally, microfiltration is defined as a filtration process using a pore size range of 0.1 to 10 microns. It is used for the removal of fine solids and organisms such as bacteria (sterile filtration).

Highly Sensitive

The liquids we filter often end up in the human body – in various forms such as beverages, foods, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. Therefore, the strictest sanitary and manufacturing standards must be respected.


FILTROX specializes in solid-liquid separation, i.e. the removal of solid particles from liquids.