CSV4-Mk3-RenderEzi-Dock’s innovative coupling system offers a disposable high containment cost effective alternative to stainless steel split butterfly or ball valves. By eliminating the maintenance and cleaning requirements of traditional split valves, Ezi-Dock can dramatically reduce direct labor and validation costs while eliminating a potential source of product carry over. Applications include reactor charging, blender addition, tablet press feed or anywhere the transfer of potent or sensitive powder compounds is required. The Ezi-Dock system has been independently tested and certified to OEB5 containment, task based.

Ezi-Flow CSV

Disposable-CSV4.75Ezi-Flow CSV is a robust coupling and slide valve assembly which is mechanically interlocked to ensure operator safety and create a connection that is not dependent on operator skill or technique. It is available in 4” and 6” formats and offers a full bore opening without crevices or hold up. For multiple solids additions, the CSV can be docked and disconnected repeatedly. Let us show you how the CSV can interface with a flexible or rigid isolator for contained filling of Ezi-Dock Chargebags.

Ezi-Dock Chargebags

4in-02lWhen fitted with the Ezi-Flow Passive connection, Chargebags are a compact and easy to handle way to transfer powders. Standard sizes range from 1.5 to 40 liters and include an integral support which works with the Ezi-Dock bag stand. Film is a two ply 80 micron low density polyethylene with an FDA/EU approved anti-static additive. Bags are individually packaged in tear open pouches and delivered 25 per case. Gamma irradiation is offered and indicated by a red dot on the packaging. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Ezi-Dock Pharma Process Bottles

Ezi-Dock Charge BottlesWhen a rigid container is preferred, Ezi-Dock Pharma Process Bottles offer a space saving design when compared to round bottles. Molded from USP Class VI HDPE with an FDA/EU approved anti-static additive, Process Pharma Bottles  include a 6” Tri-Clamp neck for use with Ezi-Dock Flexible Connectors or 6”x4” molded Tri-Clamp adapter. Pharma Process Bottles are offered in 15L, 25L, 30L and 40L sizes and may be supplied gamma irradiated.

Ezi-Dock Flexible Connectors

Ezi-Dock Flexible Connectors are constructed of the same durable 80 micron LDPE film as Ezi-Dock Chargebags and can adapt a Chargebottle or IBC for use with the Ezi-Flow CSV. They are available in 2”, 4” and 6” connections. A simple and cost effective bag-in/bag-out assembly can be made from a Flexible Connector and two Ezi-Grip Shutoff Clamps or Ezi-Dock Clips.