Our Value Add


Documentation, Traceability and Identification

Because we focus on the Pharmaceutical and Bio-Tech industries, we understand the requirements for proper documentation and traceability. All orders include all applicable certificates of compliance and MTRs. Our custom fabrications turnover package may also include welding maps and logs and borescope CDs of non-visible internal weld areas. Heat numbers, serial numbers or any other component identification required are permanently marked.  We are also able to supply stainless steel tags pin stamped with identification numbers for marking valves or other components used at your installation.  All of the documentation you receive stays electronically filed with us. This gives us the ability to easily retrieve any document in the event that you may need a duplicate.

Kits and Assemblies

Casella Process Solutions customers rely on us for support, assistance with preventative maintenance and quick turnaround for components unique to their installation. This includes:

  • Custom packaging of elastomer kits for PM changes
  • Spare parts kits and packages
  • Inventory for your specific site’s requirement

OEM Services

Contact Casella Process Solutions for special manufacturing, packaging, processing, kitting or handling requirements. We’re happy to discuss how to help you better manage your or your customer’s project or existing installation.