Single-Use Technologies: Aseptic Connections &Disconnections for Sterile Media Transfer The benefits of single-use systems can be found throughout biopharmaceutical manufacturing, but whether you have an upstream or downstream process, sterility assurance is critical. Innovative connection technology from CPC allows manufacturers to quickly and easily make aseptic connections between single-use bag systems, tube sets and/or stainless … Read more

Purity One

Single-Use Solutions Purity One™ designs and manufactures single-use solutions and aseptic process products that are critical to improving quality of life and overall wellness for people all around the world. With our combined technical expertise and cleanroom assembly capabilities, we provide a level of service and quality assurance that is unparalleled in the global life … Read more


BioProTT™ FlowTrack plus Our BioProTT™ Products are used to monitor flow rates in laboratory and industrial applications within bioprocess engineering. The function is based on the ultrasonic transit time method and works non-invasively, meaning there is no direct contact with the medium – making it particularly suitable for processes with strict hygienic requirements. The benchtop version consisting of … Read more