tufsteel engraved

        Rubber Fab is a leading innovator of high quality sanitary gaskets, hose, hose assemblies, tubing, pump, and filler machine components in a wide range of high purity and metal detectable/x-ray inspectable elastomeric materials. Sanitary Gaskets & Seals Valve Component Parts Pump Replacement Parts Carton Filler Parts Carton Filler Parts Hoses & Tubing … Read more

NEWMAN Sanitary Gasket Co.

          Newman Sanitary Gasket Company is a leading manufacturer of high quality sanitary gaskets and “O”-Rings for the Food, Beverage, Dairy and Pharmaceutical processing industries. Our products are made from specially formulated elastomer compounds Buna-N, EPDM, Viton®, and Silicone materials. Newman also manufactures gaskets made with Teflon® fluoropolymer. All materials meet … Read more

Allegheny Bradford

ABC Sample System

      The Allegheny Bradford Corporation started in 1962 manufacturing stainless steel equipment. Our products are designed to satisfy the requirements of high purity applications for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnical Industries. Our more than 49 years experience has taught us to put our customers’ needs first. Our reputation of precision engineered equipment sets the … Read more


tufsteel orifice plate

Composed of a unique 50/50 blend of non-pigmented PTFE and 316L Passivated and atomized Stainless Steel, Tuf-Steel® is the choice for leak-proof performance and outstanding durability in steam applications. The name may have changed from Tef-Steel to Tuf-Steel®, but the gasket, the part numbers and the Rubber Fab quality remains exactly the same. PTFE and … Read more


tufflex tc mini

Introducing a technologically advanced new hygienic seal, TUF-FLEX®. This revolutionary new seal from Rubber Fab Technologies Group is the world’s only unitized seal, setting new standards for purity, performance and flexibility. Designed to meet critical requirements in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, ultrapure water, WFI (water-for-injection). Achieve higher performance under SIP/CIP Conditions Uniting the flexibility of an elastomer … Read more


Rubber Fab’s Smart Gasket’s® value is proven when validating sterility in a high-purity pharmaceutical system. Your standard sanitary flange utilizing the Smart Gasket® is used to obtain the critical thermal mapping information you need during the validation process. Choose between Rubber Fab’s Thermocouple Gasket (above) or select the Smart Gasket® Spore Trap (left) to securely … Read more

Allegheny Bradford Process Systems

Allegheny Bradford Corp. Trust the People Who Manufacture The Best Components To Build A Better System for You… Modular Processing Systems Custom Stainless Steel Tanks For Ultra Pure Applications Stainless Steel Filter Housings Custom Fabrications Custom Sanitary Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers  

Allegheny Bradford Filter Housings

The Universal Approach: Tailor-Made to Your Specifications Allegheny Bradford provides filter housings for virtually every filter type, size and system. Their line of universal housings combines the best features of the finest stainless steel filer housings on the market with a full range of custom options to tailor your housing to your specifications. Automated Housing … Read more

Allegheny Bradford Heat Exchangers

Allegheny Bradford offers a full line of sanitary shell and tube heat exchangers for your thermal transfer needs. As the leader in design and manufacture of stainless steel and other high alloy heat exchangers for your applications, ABC sets the standard for performance and trouble-free operation. Quality is the cornerstone of their heat exchangers from … Read more